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Media Relations in a Web-Driven World
The rules and role of media relations have changed. As the global village continues to expand, more companies find themselves operating in "Internet time," struggling to stay ahead of the competition as they race to lay claim to new technological and service market niches.
In an Internet-driven world, the role of media relations has expanded beyond that of just servicing the press. Investors, partners and customers get their news directly from the Web, their real-time global newspaper. We identify and implement new strategies to maximize outreach for our clients and to ensure we present strategic information to decision-makers and potential customers, as well as the media.
We make sure that news and marketing information is formatted appropriately and distributed to both the media and other places where customers, investors and partners will see it. In addition to traditional vehicles such as press releases we utilize search engine optimization, blogging, social media and other methods to make sure your news reaches industry influencers in your target markets.
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